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Red skin on an Irish or light skinned person caused by alcholism.
by smendle May 13, 2010
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a very white person who gets a very bad sunburn
Joe: dude do u see that girls legs
Frank: yep looks like she got an irish tan
by bengal89 April 14, 2009
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An Irish tan occurs when a very pale-skinned Irish person gets too much sun, causing their skin to become even more red and uneven. An Irish tan is not a sunburn; turning red and splotchy is just how some very fair Irish-Americans tan.
My dad thinks he looks good, but that Irish tan is way more red than brown.
by Scottish Irish February 17, 2010
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Refers to having most of one's body densely covered in freckles.
She likes showing off her Irish tan by wearing a bikini.
by Blaksnot Thundercheeks November 01, 2015
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