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Not many have seen this extremely elusive creature, some call it a Sloth Bear, others call it a Karan... However, most people know it as Irish Awarness! Its origin is a mystery, the most logical theory is as follows.

Randy Phillip Wuckleforth was one of the greatest goalies of all time. He played for the Bruins in 1919. He was camping all alone when he was attacked by a Domrr and after that ordeal he was killed by a Sloth Bear. From then on people still see fleeting glimpses of his horribly mangled body off in the distance. If you have seen Irish Awarness be seek protection in your nearest zoo for it has been known to eat its victims assholes.
Dave: Oh my god I saw Irish Awarness last week what should I do!?
Dom: Dude we gotta get to the zoo!
Dave: Alright! we can take
Dom: What can we take? Dave? Whered you go?

That was the last time anyone ever saw Dave. When Irish Awarness comes for you, you will wish you were already dead.
by O my god a bear February 02, 2013
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