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A holiday created by Cyndirella (boardie) due to the misconception that some lyrics in the song "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" said "Heavy Irish Pepper Day is a Febuary day" and now Febuary 4th is Heavy Irish Pepper Day.
Happy Heavy Irish Pepper Day!
by The one who got Away February 09, 2007
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An unofficial 'internet holiday' created by Fall Out Boy fans in 2006. The name comes from a misunderstanding of the lyrics in the song 'Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner' from Fall Out Boy's 2005 album, From Under The Cork Tree.

The lyrics actually state "the hand behind this pen relives a failure everyday". However, a fan heard it as 'heavy Irish pepper day's a February day'. In turn, the fan made a post on the Fall Out Boy messageboards and the idea for a "holiday" began.

In celebration of Heavy Irish Pepper Day is on February 4th. The fans wear orange, yellow, red or green clothing (pepper colors) and listen to FOB songs, watch videos, etc.

Whether or not the band is aware of the holiday is unknown.
"February 4th is Heavy Irish Pepper Day!"
by katie816 January 29, 2008
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