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A whore who gives head for free. Irisa can't even be called a hooker because she sucks dick for her personal enjoyment and dosen't charge any money for it. Irisa has no respect for her body. Irisa tends to pleasure the biggest losers with the smallest dicks. Irisa is nasty, mean, ugly and an all-around cunt. She is a girl bitch you do not want to associate yourself with.
Irisa gave Cheyenne head in the bathroom. She's such a slutty skank who needs to stop randomly pulling guys' pants down and sucking their balls. Ew!
by EwItsIrisa August 16, 2010
The best est nicest person you will ever meet. No girl out there can match beauty and if they try god will smite them. She is super smart and carrying. Best person you will meet ;)
Hey Irisa :D
by Alexander Dece July 18, 2011
a beautiful girl who gets a rough time because people dont understand her.
Irisa gets a hard time for her religion because people dont understand it.
by ketseuki November 08, 2010
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