A male's name. He is loving, nurturing, kind, funny, intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, generous, extremely hot, respectful to all, and is a friend to everyone. He is wise, and lives his life with so much positivity and awareness. Is the most beautiful person inside and out. Has a heart of Gold, and is a true angel.
You're so lucky you're married to Irfan!
by jgdjgd July 25, 2011
Literal meaning: Knowledge and learning.
It is often a name of a middle-Eastern person, although people in India as well as other far Eastern countries have the name.
His name is Irfan.
by USmanFromNewJersey August 31, 2008
The Regulator
Irfan is so cool. That's why they call him The Regulator
by Regul8 January 28, 2012
A guy who fucks Sara for three semesters.
Irfan fucked Sara.
by HighlyExpress August 31, 2008
a mad nub. They be mad nubs at lots of stuff. Like playing brawl. And stinks at halo 3s too.
Irfans are mad nubs son
by coolio213423 April 10, 2008

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