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It's when you put your balls in a girls mouth, put your asshole over her nose, and then fart.

Jill O'Conner got the iranian gasmask the other night.
by Lucas Wade May 19, 2005
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ĭ-rā'nē-ən găs măsk

The act of placing your balls over a person's nose with the intent to restrict their breathing (thus forcing their mouth to open), then farting into their open mouth.

May be used on either sex. Do note however, that in most cultures, "no homo" must be called if performing the Iranian Gas Mask on men.
"Haha dude, I just gave Aaron a perfect Iranian Gas Mask. He'll be tasting my fart for days! homo"
by banannaphone January 26, 2010
you need a large scrotum to do this
you place your balls in the victims eyes
and then fart into their mouth
tell us what you know or well iranian gas mask you
by wowthatsbad August 24, 2009

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