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Badly made; General swear word; Exclamation.
Ipex this bloody POS machine!
by Antipex December 13, 2003
5 7
bras by Victoria's Secret
she was wearing a ipex bra
by jesse f January 10, 2006
40 12
An Ipex is:

A computer running a 32 bit graphical shell,
on a 16 bit operating system,
on an 8 bit processor
on a 4 bit motherboard
built by a 2 bit company
that can't stand 1 bit of truth.
Yesterday i flattened my Ipex with my Holden Commodore and went and bought a new PowerBook.
by Someone else March 23, 2004
17 7
What comes out of your ass when you go to the toilet
A computer without hope
by hehe April 04, 2004
3 7
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
If it wasn't for Ipexes,
Our screwdrivers and soldering irons would be rust.
Piece of shit computer
by Someone else March 23, 2004
2 7
evil computer company
Ipex is evil!
by anonymous September 12, 2003
5 11