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Invincible beasts that lived long, long ago. Almost all invincilabeasts are now extinct because they were eaten by the most invincible man in the world, who happens to resemble Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. Do not try to fight an invincilabeast if you see one or the most invincible man because you will die.
-Did you see that guy?
-Yeah, what about him?
-He told me he ate four invincilabeasts when he was younger and that means he's the most invincible man in the world... Do you think he's bluffin'?
-Fuck yeah he's bluffin'. He looks NOTHING like Alex Gaskarth.
- Shit, man, you're right.
#invincilibeast #invincible #beasts #invincilabeasts #twc
by HeadOfTheSenate November 29, 2010
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