Usually to describe a person. "He's invincible." A man who is too powerful to become defeated or overcame. He is a tall, hot, muscular man who usually is a hero to many. Although sometimes this invincible person is a faggot, he is a very lovable person. <3 He is originated from Pakistan and his gf calls him "Arse". Lmfao. He thinks he can beat his gf, but he's wrong cuz she has more muscles and is stronger than him. But he's an invincible nigga! So don't mess!
This arse is invincible! He is like a warrior!
by Borabora June 13, 2013
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Invincible is the state of being immune to taking any form of damage, you no longer feel pain from anything. Even if the painless state only lasts for a few moments, they would be rather intense and most likely void of all emotion.
"It's pointless to continue fighting, he's invincible to your every attack."
by Gabriel March 29, 2005
Unable to be defeated.
A Hedley song.
A very inspirational Hedley song.
I'm gonna be invincible!
by hedleysawesome September 09, 2011
The Philadelphia Phillies 2011 starting rotation.

Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Roy Oswalt
Cole Hamels
Last year the Phillies were tough enough with H2O, now they're just fuckin invincible!
by Phightin Phil909 December 15, 2010
see 'Arsenal FC'
In the 2003-2004 season, the Arsenal played 38 games and lost none, utterly invincible
by xgoonerx September 15, 2010
Invincible of being overcome or defeated; unconquerable (in combat or war)
Incapable of being conquered.
"As im strolling through the battlegrounds thankfully i feel invincible and powerful"

"I might aswell give up, his comebacks are Invincible"
by Kelly louise forster!! October 02, 2008
Kobe Bryant. Even though he tore his Achilles' tendon, he is the Chuck Norris of the NBA.
"Wow Kobe got hurt?!"

"Yeah but he's still invincible."
by Mamba Lover May 07, 2013

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