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Invictus Maneo is the Motto for the Armstrong Clan of Scotland. Officially, the meaning of the Latin phrase is "I Remain Unvanquished".
I am a strong and proud Scotish-American woman. Invictus Maneo!
by RahArmstrong January 14, 2009
Latin, "I remain unconquered"
No matter what trials I must undergo, invictus maneo!
by Arasithil October 19, 2003
freedom of brain expand
blow my brain softwarely
by theo September 05, 2003
freedom of brain expand.
I have the invictus to make my own choices.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
A has-been Everquest Guild. Originally formed by a cyberwhore and her boyfriend, later taken over by a mute, later taken over again by the scum of Everquest.
Invictus Maneo is the new XA!
by JesusFreak November 03, 2003