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freedom of brain expand.
I have the invictus to make my own choices.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
19 100
Latin, "I remain unconquered"
No matter what trials I must undergo, invictus maneo!
by Arasithil October 19, 2003
216 60
Invictus Maneo is the Motto for the Armstrong Clan of Scotland. Officially, the meaning of the Latin phrase is "I Remain Unvanquished".
I am a strong and proud Scotish-American woman. Invictus Maneo!
by RahArmstrong January 14, 2009
80 25
freedom of brain expand
blow my brain softwarely
by theo September 05, 2003
11 82
A has-been Everquest Guild. Originally formed by a cyberwhore and her boyfriend, later taken over by a mute, later taken over again by the scum of Everquest.
Invictus Maneo is the new XA!
by JesusFreak November 03, 2003
21 105