The most intelligent anime fans with the best taste in anime. We love this show Inuyasha, and true Inuyasha fans don't watch the crappy dubbed version on AS (as some idiots seem to think). The dubbed butchered the show completely. We only watch the subbed version, and I bet most of these haters have never even seen the Shichinintai arc. Anyway, Inuyasha is the best anime ever.
I am an Inuyasha fan, therefore I have good taste.
by Inuyasharocks February 28, 2005
Top Definition
The comment about IY fans which says Inuyasha Fans only watch anime on adult swim... thats the biggest bullcap I ever seen in my freakin life. I watched for over 200 series of Anime , am Dutch (so I dont even have adult swim) & read over 100 manga series. I Love InuYasha because the Story is Historical, Interesting, Has great Characters (with good backgrounds) , I Love the action, The voice actors, & the Music. (Download Wind-Symphonic) Its wonderfull. It gets you hooked from the beginning. Sure the animation is not 100% and it does contain fillers. But if you see through that, & love the InuYasha series, for what It really is, (a wonderfull, loving, beautiful anime with a message) then you really are a real InuYasha fan.
Dont Misjudge Every InuYasha fan. it makes you look stupid.
by Cherish Valerie August 14, 2006
A very mainstream anime fan. One who only watches anime that is on adult swim. Is ready to defend inuyasha at all costs and considers it's flaws (which it has plenty of) to be part of it's uniqueness.
Erica is such an inuyasha fan.
by darksoulexile December 28, 2004
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