To bring people on board or to get them onside with an idea or a proposal or an initiative of some type by getting them 'intricated' into the process bit by bit, almost without their noticing that they are making a commitment.
When a group was trying to Bring Back the Ottawa Senators in 1990, a team that had not played in the National Hockey League for nearly 60 years, one of their key advisers, former US Attorney General, Elliot Richardson (now deceased) said: "First we'll intricate the League then we'll get the (expansion) franchise!"
by Prof Bruce March 05, 2009
Top Definition
Complex or complicated
It is an extremely intricate system.
by Pacchu Nagari March 03, 2009
On a broad level it refers to something that is highly complex and involved.

On a more intricate level, it refers to something that has succeeded in the capture of complex details. The kind of details, like subtle mannerisms, that you take for granted in day-to-day life but are like little puzzle pieces that form the world around you, reality. That's why a lot of movies and such never seem truly realistic because they are lacking in the intricacies that inhabit the real-world. But when it happens, it's a good feeling to recognize the intricacies of the real-world successfully captured and portrayed in the fictional realm.
Man, this cartoon I am watching is intricate!
by TimeCrime March 18, 2010
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