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2 definitions by TimeCrime

On a broad level it refers to something that is highly complex and involved.

On a more intricate level, it refers to something that has succeeded in the capture of complex details. The kind of details, like subtle mannerisms, that you take for granted in day-to-day life but are like little puzzle pieces that form the world around you, reality. That's why a lot of movies and such never seem truly realistic because they are lacking in the intricacies that inhabit the real-world. But when it happens, it's a good feeling to recognize the intricacies of the real-world successfully captured and portrayed in the fictional realm.
Man, this cartoon I am watching is intricate!
by TimeCrime March 18, 2010
A true newb... and an ass-kisser; someone who, with a degree of pomposity, tries to seem like he knows what he's doing/talking about, even though there are definitely some gaps in his reason and when someone in a position to correct him does so, he hastily jumps on board with what they're telling him by saying something like 'true' as a response to having been corrected. If you pay close attention you may bear witness to some similar exchange, and will have thus observed the slick and elusive trewb.
He's such a trewb.

(the word's brethren: Trewby, Trube, Trubey, Troob, Trooby)
by TimeCrime March 18, 2010