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A fun term to be used in place of "drunk texting", because "drunk texting" is just a boring way of saying it; coined by Sean Davidson, master of the Intoxitext.
"Dang, i'm drunk! Give me my phone! I'm going to intoxitext the shit out of everyone!"
by SupermanD4 December 27, 2009
When someone under the influence of alcohol/drugs sends an absurd, sexual or obnoxious text message without knowledge of the act until the next hangover-induced morning.
Damn! Did you get Mel's intoxitext?

3:34am : I just sat down in the dishwasher and peed. The dog took my cheese.
by Keystone80435 May 14, 2009
A text message sent to someone while you are "under the influence" which you later regret sending.
Oh, man! I can't believe I sent my boss that intoxitext last night! I am so fired.
by Callowake August 26, 2009
1. an SMS message sent while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance; drunk texting
2. any text with typographical errors in it that would suggest intoxication of the sender

2. to send a drunk text
I didn't realize how many intoxitexts I sent last night until I woke up this morning.
These intoxitexts you're sending me don't make any sense.
I've got to stop intoxitexting every time I go out or people will start judging me.
by eamongorin September 11, 2010

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