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The first movie of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles to be made, and by far the best.
"Your bodies dying, pay no attention...happens to us all.."
by DemonKyoto January 12, 2004
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The perfect Horror Book and movie ever written and made. The only fault with the movie is that i ahte Tom Cruise as Lestat even though he plays the role perfectly . Other than that minor problem the movie is brilliant and very well made. Brad Pitt is lush as Louie.
"What do the damned really have to say to the damned"
by Akasha January 10, 2004
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i think the book is better than the movie....i like the movie because of kirsten dunst...hehe...she is cute in this movie,isn´t she..??whatever...i adore anne rice!!
it´s the first part of anne rice´s vampire chronicles....and it´s great!!!read it!!
by akasha September 01, 2004
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