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Internet Terrorism.

A community of individuals where people can go to post without any overbearing moral restraints.
Man those Interrorist's are awesome people with all that Interrorism shit, I wish I could be as cool as them.

Don't be hatin' on them Interrorist's. They'll get up in your grill, give you a big punch in your face and yell "INTERRORISM WHAT!", just so everyone that's near you knows how much of a dumb motherfucker you are for hatin' on them. Then they'll be talking behind your back, all "Man that dumb motherfucker just got knocked out because he was hatin' on those Interrorist guys. Man those Interrorists are cool". Pretty soon, you'll lose your job, friends and family. All because you were hatin'.

A vote for Interrorism is a vote against 'NOT A MOD' dicks.

The Interrorists have a Forensic Science team. That means that they can find out pretty damn fast who's hatin', and who needs punchin'. This is why Interrorism should be admired, not hated.
by An Interrorist August 22, 2007

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