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Basically a person who is retarded, can't type correctly, and should not be on the internet.
This is a review on newegg I read about a refrigerator.

"nice gold drinks for my bedroom/ media center/ gammer area

white Reviewed By: MidnightFang on 9/13/2009

Rating + 5

Tech Level Tech Level: somewhat high - Ownership: 1 day to 1 week

This user purchased this item from Newegg

Pros: i love this fridge ive wanted one forever and now i own this nice frige, keeps my drinks ice cold.

Cons: NA

Other Thoughts: buy this for a dorm or a bedroom its great to have. "

The person who reviewed this is considered an Internet Retard.
by windowsfuckingseven May 31, 2010
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Some one who is not very bright will using the internet.
Or cant use the internet properly
"Dam my teacher is such an Internet Retard she takes too long to find some thing on google."
by GaDaLaX December 23, 2009
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