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A person who boasts and make himself appear awesome over the internet by stating comments such as 'I'll beat your ass if I ever see you IRL' and being generally what they think can be described as 'bad-ass'. This is made possible by the privacy of the internet and where there is absolutely no chance of this person ever meeting the one he threatens.

Most of these people are actually socially awkward virgin males with no life.
- "honestly if you think this is cool you should just kill yourself. please. If i ever see this tattoo on a person, i will know it was you, because nobody but a fuckin fag like you would think it's cool. and i will beat the shit out of you."

inb4 internet superhero.
by Dimman March 02, 2010
A term used mockingly to describe certain trolls. Most commonly used to describe 4chan sagefags (who attempt to kill a thread by saging enough times to trigger the automatic sage function) because most sagefags claim to be doing 4chan a service by killing a shit thread. The term is not all that widespread, as there's been somewhat of a crackdown on sagefags in the last year.
Troll: saged for massive faggotry.

Troll: sagesagesage

OP: Internet Superhero. Anyway let's stop feeding the trolls...

(OP reports sagefag)

Troll: lol im not going away until this shit is dead (User has been banned for this post.)
by asdfzxc September 11, 2011
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