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The act of not knowing the next website or act to do on the internet.
Steve: *Sigh*
Bob: What's wrong with you?
Steve: Oh, nothing I'm just in internet limbo.
Bob: Sucks for you. I'm looking at porn.
by Warfalcon April 16, 2010
The remnants of ones consciousness after death when one still has active email accounts and social networking accounts.
Internet Limbo lasts for as long as your email and networking accounts stay active.


My friend died the other day and we fear he is in internet limbo as we cant shut down his email.
by ultrareality July 28, 2011
when you are on a network and you are not online

you are in between, like limbo.
guy 1: man, i was at mcdonalds and it wanted to charge me for wi-fi, and thats bs so i was in internet limbo.

guy 2: f mickey d's for that.
by boaty July 12, 2009
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