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Based on chat rooms or forums, the individual who continually posts one line posts containing few words to people or persons who they a: do not know well, b: have never met, c: have nothing in common with or d: no intention of learning more about that person.

In the spirit of bloat posting (adding total amount of posts to a forum or website) to make the numbers more attractive to potential sponsors or for advertisers.

Or in the guise of pretending to look interested in whatever the topic, subject or debate may be.
"Hey everyone its Bill birthday, happy birthday Bill!!"

"" Omg Bill, have a super day!"" (internet cheerleading)

"Hi, Im new to the site, just saying hi and hope to meet people"

"" Welcome to the site, I hope you meet people too!"" (Internet Cheerleading)

"Does anyone know how to fix a widget?"

""No I dont but hopefully you will someone who does."" (Internet Cheerleading)
by highspeedhamish August 29, 2010
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