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The largest and oldest International School in the world. It's also known as Ecolint. It was founded in 1924 for the kids of diplomats from the League of Nations and has grown to include 4, 300 students from over 130 nationalities spread over 3 campuses in Geneva, Switzerland: LGB, La Chat and Nations. It is mostly English/French bilingual but the full-time Frenchies are druggies.

The campuses have a rivalry with each other but this is nothing compared to Collège du Leman; a sucky (mostly Russian) "second choice" ten minutes from La Chat.

-La Châtaigneraie is the most British campus, with a castle. It's in the countryside in Founex, twenty minutes from the city centre. Its nickname means "pussy" in French.
-Nations is in the centre, by many UN agencies. It is the most International and actually has some non-white people.
-La Grande Boissière is on the other side of the lake and is the most American.

The students here are all rich business/diplomat kids because tuition is 30, 000 CHF (around the same as dollars). They work hard and play hard because everyone gets drunk all the time in town but they also get great IB results and go to the best universities around the world, such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. Try to get in but you might be stuck on the waiting list for years unless you get lucky, you have alumni parents, or your parents make a significant 'donation' to the school Foundation which builds a new building every year.
Collège du Leman Student: lulz ecolint like totally sucks.

International School of Geneva Student: Isn't your school just filled with Russian gangsters and students who couldn't get in anywhere else?

CDL: whut u talking bout.

Ecolint: Please, aren't you on our waiting list?

CDL: *wistfully* yes
by cheezeburgerwhutwhut January 12, 2014
the international school of geneva is a school in switzerland and it's english-speaking. it's actually a really good school and is the oldest (dare i say most prestigious?) international school in the world.

contrary to popular misconception, it is not filled with snobby/stuck up rich kids and drunkards. most people are here to work, even if a few frenchies give everyone else a bad reputation.
the international school of geneva is a boss-ass school.
by mexicansrepresentyeman February 16, 2014

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