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An amalgamation of the words "Internet", "Facebook", "Google Plus" and "YouTube", used as an all-inclusive term to describe the internet as a whole.

Derived from previous conglomerate terms, such as "The Internets", and "The YouTubes", or less commonly "The Intertubes".

InterFacePlusTubes is the next generation version of the word "InterFacebookWebs", designed to now include the addition of Google Plus to the insurmountable plethora of useless content within social media the world over. If there existed a way to effectively include "Twitter" that was as verbally fluid as "InterFacePlusTubes", the term's acceptance into mainstream online vernacular would almost certainly fail due solely to Twitter's paltry 140 character limit, and therefore its insignificance as a means to effectively convey one's sarcasm.
1) In reference to FEMA's failed Nationwide EAS Test on 9 Nov 2011, via G+

Joel: Will it play over everyone's laptop and smartphones? If not, I question its relevance.

Erik: Ooh, good point! Maybe the Fed has contracted with The InterFacePlusTubes and now have the ability to break in and spam every user's inbox??

2) In reference to a comment left on one of my YouTube videos

Username: first!

Me: @(Username) After almost four years, you were "first" of 5...
Congratulations, you've just won the InterFacePlusTubes!
by W7ENK January 11, 2012
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