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What your parents used to call any videogame system when they didn't want their friends to know that they know what it is called.
Mother- John, quit playing that "Intendo" and come meet your great aunt!
John- Mom quit calling my PS3 an "Intendo" because you know what it's called!
Mother- Oh I've no idea what a PSsomething is... John doesn't know what he's saying...heh heh.
Aunt- Well, then you really are a prisoner in your home because even I know what a PS3 is and I'm 87 years old honey.
by Jeff Minix October 07, 2006
A single player mind game that goes as such: the player takes a pen and paper and writes a list of seven things that they want more than anything. Meant to be only played once.
I didn't know what I was going to do for the longest time, so I sat down, gave it some thought, and played intendo. Now I've got it all figured out.
by Clom Gorb January 10, 2015
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