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smart...but in sex
intellectual = book smart
intellsexual = fuck smart
by Bluerose January 06, 2009
A hot nerdy girl/guy. This usually refers to closet-nerds and/or overly proud of their nerdiness nerds.

Intell-Sexuals are generally more popular and good looking then regular nerds, or they have an amazing history in bed.
Pearl: Oh my god, Texas is such an Intell-Sexual!
Iris: I know, I heard Taffy and him broke up... I'm gonna get a piece of that!
Taffy: Oh no you didn't!
Iris {enters from out of nowhere}: Oh yes I did!
Texas {from the corner}: Ladies, ladies, quiet down. Everyone can have a little piece of Tex, plus, I'm studying.
by CassieHasABananaPhone August 20, 2012