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The biggest, most idiotic douche on YouTube, claiming CoD "is the future now," "is superior to all other games," and is probably a troll.
"COD was never the future at least 343 is reviving the halo series unlike COD using the same guns the same shitty graphics and small ass maps" -geoffreystover1995 in reply to IntelligentCoDFanboy's comment, which states CoD is better than Halo.
by ZachY4 August 07, 2012
A professional troll on YouTube who is trying to shove COD up everyone's ass and claiming that it's the future of gaming.

He's either the biggest COD fanboy in the world or is probably laughing his ass off at how much he's pissing people off on YouTube.
IntelligentCoDFanboy: Call of Duty® has ALWAYS innovated -- you would have to be a bigoted Call of Duty® hater to not see this. Call of Duty® is once again innovating with Call of Duty® Ghosts on the Xbox One™. Can you name me one game that actually has AI implemented in fish? IW has gone the extra mile with Call of Duty® Ghosts and blind haters don't want to admit it.

Me: Search for "Next Gen Technology" on YouTube and click the first result.
by Some guy 2 May 29, 2013

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