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n. A person appearing to be intelligent, posing to be helpful but is really an asshole in disguise.

Qualities of an Intellectual Douchebags: Are people who complain about people who can't spell or typo. A person who take their Chat Room Role Plays too seriously. A person who take their fandoms too seriously and shuns/mistreat people who are ignorant of their fandom and have a life. People who ruin a fun moment sprouting too scientific/rational knowledge in the wrong moment. A person who jumps into an argument (INSTEAD of Minding ONES business) posing to defend a person, which in actuality is just trying to fuel the argument even more.

Attire of Intellectual Douchebags: Unusually stylish, tailored suits, hip, flashy, always advertising their interests. Sometimes wearing glasses, mostly Buddy Holly style

Whereabouts of Intellectual Douchebags: Chat Rooms, Coffee Houses, MMORPGs, Comic Book Stores, Game Stores, Electronic Blogs, Political Rallies, Art Shows, Colleges/Universities, Music Stores, Literature Events.
Intellectual Douchebags pop orgasms over Most Commonly Misused and Abused Words.
by TrippedEffingB January 24, 2011
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