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The Integra Curse occurs when a P plater drives a Honda Integra and they can't steer because they are noob, resulting in a collision. Beware: some of the victims who are inflicted with this 'awful' curse tell tales about how their drive shaft fell off and how it wasn't their fault.
Indian Bloke: Oiiii bro. my car rammed the barricade and now its written off.

Aussie Bloke: Yeah man, you never drive 90km/s in a residential area /sarcasm.

Indian Bloke: OMG Broo im gonna put my foot in the kent who sold me dis car bro.....

Aussie Bloke: LOL DC0 is a result of the Integra Curse and inexperienced hoons.
by shammers91 May 02, 2010
when driving randomly your drive shaft will fall off and u will spin out of control.
The integra curse!
Honda 1994 integra gray sports

driving down a small road drive shaft fell of and spun out hit a wall
by kragzz423 April 28, 2010

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