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(Noun) A contagious disease spread by over zealous males, or in some cases females, being standoffish toolbags. Although not given enough credit and awareness by Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are many ITS (Insufferable Toolbag Syndrome) pandemics spreading throughout several nations, including the United States, Canada, and France. The only cure to this terrible disease is a good, humiliating slap to the face, or roundhouse kick for those in the footsteps of Chuck Norris, to humble those with the disease. ITS tends to come back and effect people multiple times, so 3 additional slaps-to-the-faces are recommending to suspend ITS for a longer period of time.
John:"Look at Andy, just sitting there playing his guitar while all the girls gaze at him."
Jane:"I think he might have Insufferable Toolbag Syndrome.... You know what to do John. It's for the best."
John: slaps Andy across the face repeatedly until all the girls run away.

John:"I can't stand it when he talks, he's such a tool!"
Jane:"Then go slap him!"
John:"No... I'll roundhouse kick him to the face. It's the most effective way to cure Insufferable Toolbag Syndrome."
by ncmo April 26, 2010
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