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The act of being so aroused that upon fully grasping the hideous/repulsive reality of the situation; against the spurter'z will, the outward force of what would be ejaculation (Expurtz) continues, but in an inward fashion; thus resulting in the phenomenon that we scientists like to refer to as "inspurting." Such levels of disgust also cause the male genitalia to recede into one's own pelvic region/lower stomach.
Example 1

Man 1: Hey man, would you like to see a picture of a vagina?

Man 2: Hell yeah man, totally. (God, I'm already so close to cumming!)

*Man 1 shows picture of blue waffle*

Man 2: Awww fuck man! Fuck-- now I'm inspurting! Thanks a lot, ass-hole!
by Meno123 April 21, 2013

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