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Inspirational Dead-drops

The act of leaving charms with an inspirational message along with it for a random bypasser to stumble across.
-The art of writing, or using the art using Graffiti in order to leave behind inspirational, impactive messages or quotes that captivate the attention of a bypasser to evoke a deep thought; a thought in which makes one reflect deeply of themselves or others.

Like they say: Inspiration is like bathing, it's effective but only for a short amount of time; which is why we recommend it daily.
Inspirational Dead-drops-
I once had a collection of four leaf clovers, and began leaving them in different spots for people to find. I left one in a dictionary at my school with a note that says "They say luck comes to those who appreciate what they already have; This talisman is not a sign of good luck to come. Rather, a talisman that will help you overcome the bad luck you may encounter"

I took the bus the other day and reflected on something i read written on the back of the seat someone was sitting on- "We start out our lives by thinking we are everything, to knowing we are nothing, to trying to be something... Don't give up<3"

"We waste a lot of time chasing after people we could have caught by just standing still"
by kryptonite069 December 18, 2013
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