My Oldest child came up with this and it was so funny its been a family word ever sense. she was 8 at the time
To inspectigate is to investigate and inspect at the same time.
*grabs binoculars* I am going to go inspectigate the birds outside.
by NightRainShadow October 09, 2009
Top Definition
To look examine thoroughly. A cross between "Inspect" and "Investigate"
"The small wretch inpectigated the garbage can in hope of finding an offalistic morsel"
by Lord Nym August 23, 2003
A verb meaning "checking out closely" combines inspect, which brings to mind small items or ideas and investigate, which implies larger or more complex issues.
I will inspectigate later and work from gut reaction right now.
by alanora May 18, 2009
A cross between investigating something's background to make sure it's legit, and inspecting something for quality.
I went to inspectigate that painting by Vermeer, but I found out that it was a cheap fake.
by notreallysee? November 05, 2011
to investigate while also inspecting
Ada Evans decided to inspectigate the tater tots.
by swagmoneydope May 16, 2016


It's a word to use as a combination of to "inspect" and "investigate."

"Inspect"- to look for any traces, or evidence

"Investigate"- to search for clues
"I know I had more pop in the refrigerator, but it's all gone, I'm going to inspectigate to find out who drank it!"

My friend thinks her boyfriend has been texting another woman, I told her she should inspectigate it.
by Msbehavin January 25, 2016
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