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A brand made for the Best Buy chain. They are what most call the "in house" brand or the "knockoff" brand. Nobody truly knows who makes the products. Their products have old parts from numerous brands which are assembled in an undisclosed location in Asia. Some are said to be made by LG, others by Funai or Orion.

The brand is sub-par and for the most part has "gets the job done" products. It is just a cheap alternative to the major brands, but sometimes they are priced at the same price as the mainstream wanted item.

Getting a universal remote to work with their products is a major hassle as well. Almost none of them have the code.

They are a sister brand to Dynex, another Best Buy brand with questionable origins.
I went to Best Buy and I saw a 52 inch Insignia LCD screen. It was pretty good, but its shotty history is very concerning. Not only that, but Geek Squad is a bitch to deal with. It's like dealing with that stubborn person in your family that only wants their way or the high way.

I rather spend the money on a nice Samsung or LG.
by 14th Street DC June 25, 2010
something in game that is used to buy some particular stuffs in shop (mostly high rated stuff only). insignia can be said as barter stuffs. it can be gained by completing dungeons in certain level.
A: i need to buy that sword
B: sorry dude but your insignia is not enough.
by zyan_is_me December 11, 2013
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