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Major Chicago street gang, which is in not only Chicago but all Chicagoland suburbs. The Insane Deuces are predominately white, being founded originally as a greaser gang. During their joining the Folk Nation they began to recruit numerous latinos, which is why they have so many Hispanic members today.
Insane Deuce: 2! 2! Folk N' Deuce
by VOC518 March 13, 2008
73 14
A mostly mexican gang Dat weres green and black. They are from da folk^ natoin
King: Oh no the Deuces and GDs are cumming!
Insane Deuces: KING KILLA BITCH!!!!!
GDs:Folk Love!!!!!
King: IM dieing just becuz im a stupid az king. i should of been a folk.
Deuces:2 love!!!!!
GDs: 74 till da world blow
by G^ June 19, 2006
83 56