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2 definitions by VOC518

Major Chicago street gang, which is in not only Chicago but all Chicagoland suburbs. The Insane Deuces are predominately white, being founded originally as a greaser gang. During their joining the Folk Nation they began to recruit numerous latinos, which is why they have so many Hispanic members today.
Insane Deuce: 2! 2! Folk N' Deuce
by VOC518 March 13, 2008
A Albany, New York street gang based out of Arbor Hill and West Hill. A violent and dangerous gang, originally founded in Albany's public school system during the 1980s as the Loony Toon Thugs, or L.T.T. The Jungle Junkies are also known for their dealing of crack cocaine and marijuana, due to many recent crackdowns from Albany Police Department (APD). Jungle Junkies are known to fight the Original Gangsta Killas, or O.G.K., of Albany's South End. Known for wearing camouflage as their flag, and many call themselves "loc".
Jungle Junkie: We locs, we bang OGK
Original Gangsta Killa: Fuck you, Junkie
by VOC518 March 13, 2008