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The InnerFight can be an emotion; it can be a feeling. The InnerFight is something that every human being has within themselves.

It is a word that can describe a person’s determination, heart, attitude, willpower, grit, guts, cohones, balls or inner strength. The InnerFight is a descriptive word of all the former and that little bit more.

InnerFight was created when two likeminded individuals sharing the same feeling over their desires and aspirations of fitness training and their individual performances within sports.

The individuals could not exactly pin-point or describe what the exact feeling was that they both shared. However, it was not until they both came together to brain storm this willpower and strength from within that that they realized that with this overwhelming feeling they could achieve anything they set out conquer. It was not until they confronted this feeling that all other obstacles became seemingly easier.

These individuals used fitness as the fuel for their own InnerFight and from their own person journeys of being able to endure and conquer they both managed to achieve.

The InnerFight is as individual as the person and is a way of life.
"I am running an Iron Man Marathon tomorrow, Its going to be super tough. I will need to dig deep and confront my InnerFight to help me conquer and achieve this goal"

"He showed his/her real InnerFight on that last lap to come from last to first with a broken leg, what a true champion"
by Charlie Aldrige July 02, 2009
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