When you become so zooted (stoned) that you begin talk to yourself in the third person, while often creating imaginary people to have hypothetical conversations with. Essentially, you are having a conversation with multiple people that are within your mind discussing hypothetical situations that are often ridiculous and far-fetching.
Dude1: John, Look at that man cutting the grass! We need to stop him, he's murdering those blades of grass!

Pseudo-Dude2: Holy haberdashery John, you're right! He's a monster! Those poor blades of grass!

Pseudo-Dude3: Think about the baby grass blades! Watching their parents being gruesomely murdered and knowing that one day, they will be murdered too!

Dude1: Holy shit John, you're inner monologue high.
by Mr. Expendable November 23, 2009
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