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A force every person has inside. It makes you do things and wear stuff that the weird Asian man wearing toms with socks on does.
Person: Man I love that Pokemon backpack you're wearing.

2nd Person: Thanks I'm embracing my inner Asian
by WHO INVENTED INNER ASIAN? ME! December 21, 2010
5 7
The feeling you get that makes you jump higher, press buttons faster, and play Dance Dance Revolution better than you usually can.
Derka: "Gee, you press those buttons pretty darn fast."
Danny: "Damn right! I've got my Inner Asian going on"
54 13
A person of Asian backgrounds harnessing the power built up inside of them to preform tasks that need extra energy. (Mashing the A button VERY fast, jumping super high, or finishing that song on heavy from DDR.
Derka: Danny, how in the hell do you jump so f**king high??
Danny: I'm feelin' my inner asian right now!
by Derka Wright May 29, 2006
41 7