Inna: Famous Romanian singer whose hits include 'Hot', 'Clubrocker' ' De Ja Vu,' ' Love' and many more. Her albums are 'Hot', ' I Am The CLubrocker' and 'Party Never Ends.'
by MaCy AdAmS showing da truth! March 06, 2013
British slang.

Very curious and inquisitive person.
You're so inna! It's kinda bothering me already!
by indie English June 14, 2011
Rushing waters
Always a trooper
Down for the ride
Good hearted woman
Very Very weird
Inna: BAMF no need to explain

Must be experienced, cant be explained
by Zyka June 06, 2013
A amazing woman who just oozes perfection in every aspect of her life.
"We should all hope to be as perfect as Inna one day!" "Inna, more like Ooza!"
by Ruddaga June 01, 2013
another wooism... this references the action of being "in a" <again insert wit here>
I'd like to all up inna that!
by suger April 15, 2003
A word old ladies say when they're asking if someone agrees.
This cheese is good, inna?
by elfeicho December 05, 2007
Used for assuring an answer similar to "indeed".

For sure
no doubt.
Tom: Did you drink last night?

John: Inna
by futuristic January 11, 2013
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