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When Matrimony is not equal:

A. When a couple has been married more than twice the number of years they have been alive. In essence, being dead longer than alive.

B. Disparity or relative inadequacy in natural attributes: a startling inequality of intellect, talents, or physical endowments.

C. Injustice or inequality of power: violation of what is considered right and just of the rights of another. One party having all the power.
A. When all sentences are We or Us instead of I or Me. For example when a couple first gets married they enter into a Matrimony. After 30 years they've progressed to being in an Inmatrimony.

B. This is most often observed and verbalized with "What is she doing with him?" This is usually in reference to the inequality of physical endowments.

C. Power is usually attained through the use of either Money or Sex. Controlling both sometimes leads to the creation of a tyrant.
by hurna089 August 09, 2010
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