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The original place known as "The Town" real name Inkster. A small suburb of Detroit that is just as rough if not rougher. Also know as Little Detroit. Aliases: The Town, Inktown, Crooked I, The Ink, ect. I was born in the D but raised in the Town!
Man I went to see that movie The Town and thought its was about the hood Inktown!
by Twinn480 February 17, 2011
A small suburb of Detroit, Michigan real name Inkster. Its also referred to as lil Detroit by some locals. Known for being a little rowdy even more dangerous than Detroit itself. Inkter is also known as That Town, Crooked I, The Ink. I love this city.
I was born in the D but I was raised in Inktown.
by Twinn480 February 24, 2011
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