Specific subset of the "hipster" subculture;
Sensitive pretentious misanthropic trust fund youth, sporting "vintage" (read, new expensive vintage-looking) clothing, thick black prescription glasses and a plethora of obscure and ironic tattoos, and often seen frequenting dive-bars, coffee-shops, or independent music venues in newly gentrified, recently decrepit urban areas (see Williamsburg-Brooklyn) or
riding expensive customized single-speed road bikes,
Not to be confused with the general highly tattooed ruffian or their ilk, who would rather smash than complain.
by Smackadocious July 22, 2010
Top Definition
A suburb of Detroit, Michigan, known for being a complete dump, having a high crime rate, and a majority of residents being African-Americans. Inkster also has a higher rape rate than Detroit.
Scott: "Hey Matt, do you want to Inkster today?"

Matt: "No way, that place is a fucking pit."
by ChemicalGoat May 14, 2009
A male or female that is the post production of scene, punk, hipster, and rocker that has tattoos.
not to be confused with psychobilly, or pin up rockabilly.

Internet sites have even been created just for showcasing the alternative style such as,
on tumblr
becky: "have you seen that hot guy with the tattoos?"
lacey: "the inkster?!"
becky: "yeah he's dreamy."
by bashleigh April 12, 2012
A road in Michigan that some believe is a city. Even though it lacks a high schoo, police department, local government, ect.
Take Inkster for one mile and make a left.
by Therealreal1234 March 16, 2016
A word used to describe a small addition into a song or conversation
Loosen up my buttons babe "uh huh" (uh huh is the inkster)

Good choice of inkster
by Jennifer1933 April 29, 2007
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