When a man accidentally ejaculates a little bit in his pants. It often occurs without significant reason or warning, and the man is aware enough to hold his load in after the inkling has come out. Overly sensitive men and pasty virgins are particularly prone to inklings, especially when they have a hunch. It is somewhat similar to a shart or a light tinkle from laughter or an amusement park ride, except with jizz instead of poop or urine, respectively.
Guy 1: No way man, Kobe is better.

Guy 2: Come on, Lebron is the—uhmff awww...

Guy 1: What the hell?

Guy 2: I just let out an inkling!

Guy 1: Dude...

Guy 2: I need to change my pants.
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
Top Definition
Inkling, comes from the idea of a half written letter. it means something like the beginning of an idea
I have an inkling as to why you suck.
by Joe December 27, 2004
A baby fountain pen.
Hey Steve, can you pass me the inkling please?
I need to get this address written down before I fuck up and forget it!
by Telephony November 17, 2013
A small angry man or dwarf that runs through public areas kicking people in the shin.
Reporter: Three people were hospitalized after an inkling attack in the Seven Eleven on 53rd and Greenwood. Many people in the neighborhood have taken to boarding up their doggie doors and the small spaces under their houses.
by superswiz August 14, 2007
The player's character in "Splatoon." They are squids who can transform into a humanoid form
In Splatoon, I prefer using the Female Inkling.
by thebuddyadrian September 19, 2016
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