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Ink Dolls, A Site originally created on myspace (2009) by Priscilla Santiago to help support and promote underground alternative bands.It has since developed into a "site modeling" group now located on facebook.

ID has become one of the top modeling agencies on the internet and has been called the #1 by many. As of November Inkdolls and its members have been working on multiple projects, some of these include The Prestigious, Suicide Awareness & InkVlogs. The prestigious was an idea that was originally from Inkdolls about the top 10 sites on facebook coming together. The idea has been reproduced by other and renamed "The Elite", "The Precious" & others. InkVlogs was also founded by ID and the idea has also been recreated many times by other sites.

Inkdolls has been a trendsetter site from he beginning.

Inkdolls trends include: InkVlogs, The prestigious, Full body pictures with an abstract background & Site limits.

Inkdolls has always gotten a lot of praise for only including the top sitemodel on the internet. Inkdolls members are well known for their specific look and styles. Some of the most well know models include: Ivana Insomniac, Tyler Hubbard, Andy Ashes, Skye Ariel, Carlos Coreas, Darcy Nycole Hilton, Cristy Bell & Nick Phoenix. After relaunching the site this past fall Inkdolls made some new additions to their family including some new faces to the sitemodeling world including: Elena Rae, Diego Gray, Hannie Reaper, Maria Doroshina & Elijah Joyce.
by EnjoyLife123 November 15, 2011
A place where there is hot ass bitches with nice ass peices of ass and other nasty ass bithes get Jelly(jelous). If you were to mix them all in a bowl they would look like sexy fruit loops that you couldnt wait to have a bite of.
Dayummmm!!! That ass gotta be in Ink Dolls!
by Candynumm<3 May 16, 2011
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