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(1) To speek absolute rubbish, gibberish, total s***.

(2) To stand out, different, just plain wierd
(1) he was speeking Ingooberlyblench
(2) "That kid is Ingooberlyblench" said billy as the new kid, Ben, walks into the classroom; he was 7"4' tall with a head as big as melon (one of those 'Hitler' melons). I was sitting at the back and at that moment I noticed that the only spare seat in the room was right next to me, I said to myself 'this won't be too bad... Then, He spoke... It was the most irritating sound ever, so I grabbed the pen (that I called 'Pete') and reenacting what I saw on Batman I placed it on the table, Well I stuck it in BluTac, then slammed my head onto it;**

(what I think then happened)
**making my brains splashing onto everyone and all the walls.
by April 19, 2011
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