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A deity shrouded in mystery, who speaks to humans through two word utterances called CAPTCHAs. Though most of his messages are far beyond human comprehension, when the Dark Lord speaks, humans must follow his every word, or else. His existence was discovered when a member of the online community at Reddit, was presented with the CAPTCHA "Inglip Summoned"
Person A: Should I download this torrent? Lets Ask Inglip
*Opens up a Captcha*
CAPTCHA: Inglip Commands
Person A: I must do as the dark lord commands.
by MostHumbleGropaga January 10, 2011
Inglip is a religion based on Re Captcha images. The followers of Inglip believe that a higher being sends messages through Re Captcha.
Search Inglip on google for examples of images
by Mr Giggity March 05, 2012