Part Ingenious, part intuitive, It describes using your intuition to figure things out in an ingenious way.
"Finding my contact info through my work web site was ingenuitive of you"
by Gomer 37 March 15, 2006
Top Definition
"Possessing or stemming from ingenuity."
"The admiral's plan was ingenuitive, to say the least, but the opposing Canadian invasion just couldn't be stopped."
by Squidgee Moot December 11, 2004
1. engaged in ingenious activities

2. characterized by cleverness or originality of problem solving

—Related forms
hy·per·in·ge·nu·i·tive, adjective
su·per·in·ge·nu·i·tive, adjective.
The Doctor acting under the everlooming stress of another day's global genocide, saved the human race with his superingenuitive manipulation of his sonic screwdriver, a box of paperclips, a case of steel wool brillo pads, and the guts of a Nintendo 3ds.
by Tsarstepan September 10, 2010
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