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Infusion is Kelly Collins' Internet persona.
by dictionarydotcommer May 07, 2003
The ideal, tech-savvy female that one would hope to meet at an online dating site. Trendy, upbeat.
She is a total infusion.
by toolmonkey May 07, 2003
founded by applewave
by blue April 17, 2003
Vapid, internet cunt, a stupider version of kiwigirl.

Medicated beyond normal use.

You're a total infusion, are you retarded?
by SISB June 16, 2003
Copy-cat; self-bragging person;Being an Infusion...
"I want to do everything!"-->I want to be an infusion. "I'm an infusion"I'm the best even though i suck and everyone knows it
by Carl Blackosa April 16, 2003
Vapid cunt.
See Kiwigirl
by pud June 05, 2003