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adj. Something that is beyond being fucked up or out of synch with the way things should be.
(1)Woolly using my word to gain fame on urban is completely infructus.
(2)"i cant believe he puked on my dog, that is some infructus shit
(3)McDonalds is an example of the infructus companies that are ruining the world.
by Christie January 04, 2005
1. interjection - a term of intense dismay coupled with drug-induced confusion.
2. interjection - conveying vivid emotion while being drunk, stoned, rolling, blazin', or huffing gas fumes.
Fuck Balls! I can't believe we just drank the entire bottle and set that cat on fire, infructus!

I was gettin my swerve on with this hot spanish chica and busted out probably the biggest, hardest skeet i ever skat, infructus!
by Woolly October 04, 2004

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