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The process through which a Sociopath (person suffering Anti-social Personality Disorder ) or a malignant Narcissist (Narcissistic Personality Disorder ) gets to know your weaknesses and insecurities in order to fill their database and construct a mental image of who you "truly" are.
This information will be used at a later time, generally to subtly abuse you and drive you insane , but also to obtain as much as possible from you (financially or otherwise ).
This process can be described as "dropping hints" to make you speak about yourself , pretending to reveal a secret to make you reveal yours, invent a hard childhood to see what traumas you have , etc.
Sociopath :"It's hard for me to talk about it, but my mother used to hit me"
Other person -"really ? I shouldn't be surprised , though , childhood is no bed of roses, my uncle used to do things to me...."
Sociopath : "score!! I had great success infomining this idiot!! "
by wonderknowledge May 14, 2012
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